Revenue from Advertising

Revenue from Advertising

Revenue from Advertising is a 2 x 6 matrix with a very interesting added feature. It has a special feature called P.D.D.S. which stands for Powerful Dual Downline System which is actually the software that monitors the matrix.

The P.D.D.S. scans the matrix 24/7 looking for the next available spot that needs to be filled and that needs to be paid. 

There is only one matrix in Revenue from Advertising and the owner does co-op advertising for the matrix every month to help bring in FREE members. This way the paid members can get a steady stream of potential new paid members helping them build their downlines automatically. 

The mission in RFA is to help everybody just get 2 people and then for everybody to upgrade to the next levels when they've earned enough to do so or they can upgrade whenever they want to with their own money. 

If everybody follows this basic plan we will all be successful. 


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